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Join NETROBE to create your online closet.

Upload items you own or simply love, and looks that inspire you

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Upload items and looks in any of three ways:

Drag and drop
from your desktop

Locate the picture online and use NETROBE's 1-click "Hang it" button

Photograph your clothes using the NETROBE iPhone app

Download Netrobe from the app store
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Style your outfits

Drag and drop items from your wardrobe into the Styleboard.

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Beautify your clothes

To make outfits look prettier, it helps if you remove the unwanted background from your items.
As you drag an item on your styleboard, look for the magic wand on your bottom left corner. 

1 Take a photo of your item.

2 Remove background...

3 ...And place it in your wardrobe

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