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  • press entry
    Harper's Bazaar, September 2013

    "NETROBE gives you a real taste of what happened during New York Fashion Week through their eyes...literally!"

  • press entry
    Fast Company, July 2013

    "An app that lets users share their wardrobes and fashion techniques is jumping to the web."

  • press entry
    Huffington Post UK, November 2012

    "Netrobe's mission is to digitise wardrobes to enable better, more considered styling and purchasing decisions - a happier experience and a better fit."

  • press entry
    Lucky Magazine, October 2012

    "Netrobe is user-friendly, fun and highly addicting. And the best part is that now that I actually know what is in my closet, I may indeed start wearing more of it."

  • press entry
    CNN International, July 2012

    "Netrobe, an iPhone app designed as a virtual closet for young fashionistas."

  • press entry
    Mashable, July 2012

    "If you're a shopaholic, this chic blue fashion app can help. Consider it as digital storage for the things you wear."

  • press entry
    Daily Candy, November 2011

    "You live in New York and have a tiny closet. So do we - but we also take virtual inventory of all the sweaters and shoes buried in the back so they’re not forgotten. Plus, it makes us feel like Cher Horowitz"

  • press entry
    Techcrunch, September 2011

    "You always forget what you own and you keep buying the same thing over and over again," says founder Christina Plakopita, "[With Netrobe] women can utilize their wardrobes … Now you can log in to your closet any time or any where."

  • press entry
    Vogue, September 2011

    "I have nothing to wear!". The common feeling that every woman often encounters, especially when time is of essence, was the driving force behind Christina Plakopita's innovative project.

  • press entry
    Business of Fashion, September 2011

    "Inspired by the now infamous virtual closet in Clueless, Netrobe, an iPhone app out of Athens, Greece, attempts exactly this, helping you remember the individual items from your wardrobe by giving you a tool to catalog them."

  • Jill Robben

    Netrobe is probably the best app I have ever downloaded. ?#obsessed?


    #FF @NETROBE awesome app + idea #obsessed

  • Rafat Ali

    Netrobe has to be one of the coolest, most useful lifestyle app to come out this year.

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